If you have an Elite build, part of every install is an included set of buyer and seller guides to utilize as part of your calls to action throughout the site.  Engagement with your visitors requires offering a value proposition that has a good conversion ratio.  Your guides can be an effective call to action! You may edit these guides in the rare circumstances that a piece of information presented is not applicable in your area. 

Login to your website: 

You may use either:

  1.  The menu label in your site footer marked "Admin" OR

  2. Add /wp-admin/ to your homepage url in order to bring up the login window: 

From your left menu, navigate to:
General Content > Pages > All Pages

Edit the buyer or seller guide

Locate the guide you wish to edit, and hover over the title.  Click "Edit With Cornerstone" to open the page editor. 

To access the buyer guide: 

To access the seller guide: 

Editing in Cornerstone

Once the page loads in cornerstone, note that every item on the page is editable.  You may click on any text on the page to reveal it's contents and options in the left side panel. 

Understanding the basics of cornerstone

Cornerstone is a drag & drop visual editor.  We have already tailored a custom layout with additional styling that is included in each section, row, column and element on the page.  For this reason we recommend editing only elements directly.  Do not make changes to the layout or formatting without first consulting our teams at [email protected]  We want to ensure you're content looks great on all devices.  

Editing images

Like the text and custom headlines on the page, all images can also be replaced by clicking directly on them to expose the element options in the left hand panel.  

To replace an image in the guide: Click on the source thumbnail in the left panel of any image element. 

To add your own image to the guide:
Click the empty thumbnail to load the media library and select or upload an image.  

Note: Images you use should be optimized for the location they are shown on the page.  For example, many of the graphics are either 80x80 pixels, 64 x 64 px, or 60 x 60px.  Do not use full resolution images to replace existing pictures.  Resize and optimize your images prior to upload using your photo software on your computer, or by visiting an image optimization website, like

Duplicating Sections:

Should you want to add new content, we recommend duplicating an existing section on the page to repurpose it for your content.  There are a number of custom CSS classes in use on these pages that are critical to the layout displaying correctly, and it is much easier to work with an existing layout than to create one from scratch.

Saving your changes: 

Once you have completed the changes to your guide, be sure to save your changes before you close the tab or return to the admin area. 


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