To add new content to your guide, we recommend duplicating an existing section to work with.  This ensures your layout looks great and makes it easier for you to simply replace existing text and images as needed.  

Reminder: We recommend first learning how to access and understand basic editing of your guide. 

To duplicate a section: 

  1. Click to the Layout editor to expose the sections available on the page.  You may choose any section but we recommend duplicating only sections with content.  The navigation menu will never require duplication. 

  2. Click the duplicate/copy symbol to the right of the section title. 

To Re-title your section: 

Click directly on the section title to open the section options.  At the top of the options the title can be edited directly.

To re-organize a section: 

When creating a new section, you will want to re-organize the layout to ensure your new content displays in the guide where you want it to. 

Click and hold your new section with the left mouse button to drag it up or down in the list.  

Saving your changes: 

Once you have completed the changes to your guide, be sure to save your changes before you close the tab or return to the admin area. 


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