Both the buyer and seller guides include a navigation menu for your end users to quickly jump between topics of interest.  These menus are editable and you may include new menu topics when you add new content to a guide. 

Understanding how your menu works

Editing a section anchor ID

Your menu works by targeting a section by it's ID.  You may view or edit any section anchor by clicking on the section title from the Layouts tab of cornerstone.  

Click the inspect/magnifying glass symbol next to the section title to view the available options, including ID's and classes.

Scroll down until you see the box for "ID".  The title shown here will be used in your menu as an anchor link.  

Anchor links are an in page url that uses a hashtag before the name instead of a slash. 

As an example:

The about section of your guide will be a section with an ID of "aboutus", and navigation directly to this section on the page is possible by modifying the url to the following: 


NOTE: When duplicating sections, you will need to create a new menu title and anchor for your section.  See adding new content to your buyer or seller guide.

Saving your changes: 

Once you have duplicated or edited a section and would like to apply your ID change to the page, press the save button at the bottom of the left panel

Once you have made changes to your section ID anchors, you will need to update the menu to ensure it continues to work properly. 

In your left panel, navigate to:
General Content > Menus > Menu Builder

Once the menus have loaded, select from the dropdown the buyer or seller guide menu you intend to make changes to.  

With your menu loaded, scroll down to view the menu structure and the available content panels.

Use the Custom links option to add a new menu label and anchor link destination. Use a hashtag before your section ID to create a new link, example: 

URL: #mynewsection
Link Text: My New Section Content 

Click Add to menu to populate your new entry to the bottom of the menu hierarchy. 

Your menu is drag & drop.  You may click and hold any menu item to drag it into position higher up on the page.  

Note: Be careful to position your new menu item at the same sublevel as the rest of your menu items. 

You may edit existing menu label titles or IDs by clicking the arrow to the right of the menu title.  This will open up it's available settings, including the URL and Label Text. 

Confirming your changes to the menu

Once you have edited or added your new anchor labels and links, you will need to save your changes to the menu.  


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