The Home Values plugin includes great ways to ensure your clients are provided an accurate automatic home valuation.  Since not all markets are similar, there are a number of editable filters and parameters that allow you to directly control how comparables are generated and used in home valuations. 

Adjusting how valuations are derived from comparables filtering:

To access and modify the way comparables are selected, we'll need to make changes to those filters inside of the settings area. Navigate to your Home Valuation settings area: 

Admin Dashboard > Site Tools > Home Values > Customize & Settings

Open the Filters view of your Settings area: 

The primary filters for your comparables use default appraiser standards for urban/suburban locations.  

  • Search Radius: .25mi

  • Bedroom variance: +or- 2

  • Bathroom variance: +or- 1

  • Sqft variance: 300sqft

  • Result count limit: 10

  • Sales history queried: 12 months

You may also adjust the over/under threshold for pricing variances as well.  If your market has properties with a limited sales variance, these defaults should work fine. If you are in a particularly inexpensive, or expensive market you may find that these allowances may need adjusted to better reflect the conditions of your local market.

Be sure to save your changes!

Use the publish module to update and save the changes you've made.

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