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My Listings: Open house registration options
My Listings: Open house registration options

With every listing you create, it's easy to enable visitors to register or pre-register for the open house you have scheduled.

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Open houses can be a great way to attract potential buyers and build relationships which can lead to additional transactions.  They also are a valuable part of showing the seller your determination to get their home sold.  When you have an upcoming open house, it's easy to enable online registrations for a listing using our Open House capabilities! 

Important Notes: 

The open house registration component can be used for both pre-registering ahead of the open house, as well as onsite the day of the open house.  Below we'll outline how to setup and deploy your open house, as well as how to use it onsite. 

If you are looking to perform onsite registrations, configure the open house registration settings below and then continue through the registration page instructions shown. 

Open House Registration Settings: 

Start by navigating to the Open house tab in an existing listing: 

(NOTE: If you're using our updated listing template, then you can access the Open House tab from the Call To Action button in the top menu.)

Open the Open House Details category to enable the sign up options. 

Your open house is easy to set the date with a handy calendar and an editable Open house title. 

Set the date of your open house. 

With your open house date entered, your open house modal is instantly available on the page.  You'll see a new red button appear next to your contact information in the top bar. 

Click the View Open House button to view the modal

With the modal opened, you can see that a form is instantly created, and your open house title is displayed in the opening with a count down until the date of the open house. 

Next up, we'll head to the Open House Popup settings.  Here we can control how the modal appears for users without pressing the View Open House button.  

There are three open house trigger options: 

  1. Show on Scroll Position: This trigger displays the modal after a user has scrolled down a specified percentage of the page

  2. Delay: This trigger displays the modal after a set amount of time. 

  3. Exit Intent: This trigger displays the modal after a user has moved their mouse/cursor outside of the browser window (Example: To reach for the back button).  

Select a trigger option from the available choices: 

Last, we're going to configure the Registration page settings.  This is a separate page overlay available for use with a tablet, laptop or other electronic device that you want to make available onsite the day of the open house.  

Onsite Registration page settings: 

To use the registration page, add ?r to the end of your listing url.  

Your page will look something like this: 

You may also reach this page by visiting your listings list and clicking the timer icon near your listing settings to open the registration window in a separate tab.  

Open your Registration Page Details tab.  If a specific agent will be onsite for the open house, you may select them here to assign all lead entries for the open house pre-registration requests as well as onsite registrations.  

Their team member profile image and name will appear on the registration page similar to the example above. 

Assign an agent to receive registration requests: 

Your registration page will also have an area for a background color, or background image, or background image with cover overlay displayed behind the agent profile.  

Add a background image and optional color overlay: 

You may save your overlay and check the results on the registration page until you have the desired effect.  Simply add ?r to the end of your url.  You may make use of the "open in new tab" features in your AF editor to view the listing in a separate tab easily. 

Toggle Phone Number

You can enable to a phone number field to the registration form, which can be set to Optional, Required, or Disabled (default).

Social Page Locker Options: 

Curating leads with your listings is easy with the built in social locker component.  Require your visitors to see the page contents after they have registered via Facebook, Google+ or via email.  

With this feature enabled, your users will be required to register prior to being allowed to view the listing page contents. An excellent way to generate leads on listings with lots of user activity! 

View the resulting listing URL after you have enabled the lock to confirm that the social locker is displayed. 

Continuing Education: 

Learn how to navigate the AF editor, build your listing content, enable awesome features and more in our additional articles on the Listings V3 plugin.

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