Has your google statistics panel stopped displaying results? Occasionally google requires that you log in to your analytics account. 

Check that you're statistics panel is connected. 

Navigate to: Reporting > Statistics 

Checking your statistics: 

If you're page loads and displays an error like the image shown below, you need to log back into your google analytics account.  

Logging back into Google Analytics: 

Navigate to: Settings > WordPress Settings > Google Analytics

If you are logged in already: Log Out.  You will need to login again.
If you are not logged in at all: Log In. 

With your account logged in, you'll need to select the statistics panel to display in your account from the dropdown. 

This is titled Custom Google Analytics Statistics inside Wordpress Dashboard.

Once you have selected the statistics to display, save your changes.  

That's it! 

You may return to your statistics reporting menu to see your analytics.
If you are just connecting analytics for the first time, you will not have any statistics to display initially. 

If you continue to have trouble: 

If you have logged in, but a dropdown menu is not displayed, please write into [email protected] so we can help you. 

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