Showcase what your past clients say about you with the Testimonials Block quickly and easily.

The Testimonial Block can be added by adding a New Block, and selecting Testimonials in the categories.

Some of the basic options include choosing: 

  • A solid color as a background
  • Title/Title Size/Title Color

Some further options like:

  • Layout
  • Displaying the Submit Testimonial Button
  • Categories (These can be adjusted inside the plugin)
  • Items Limit ( How much Testimonials to display)
  • Show/Hide Star Rating
  • Content Alignment (Auto, Left, Right, Center, Justify)
  • Primary/Secondary Color
  • Button Label (Button Text) / Button Link

Activating the Show Submit Button will expand further options for it, where you can adjust the button's text, class, and color.

Note: You can leave the class option empty, this is strictly a field for designers.

Activating the Show Star Rating Button will also expand further customization options for you to setup. You can choose to 

 as well.

Now let's jump into the most important visual aspect- The Layout.

Layout Options

There are a few layout you can choose from - Let's dive deeper, and give you some examples.

Aggregate Rating

This Layout will display an aggregate rating. (an average from all the reviews)

Default Layout

The Default Layout displays a testimonial per row. ( on top of each other)

Grid Layout

This layout will display Testimonials in a grid view.

Additionally, you can control how much testimonials are allowed per row. For example - If I set the Grid limit to 2 testimonials only, it will only have 2 for each row.

Left/Right Layout

This layout will display the Testimonials in a zig-zag form.

Slider Layout

This layout will display the Testimonials within a slider with navigational arrows, which slowly slides through testimonials.

Video Layout

If you have a video submitted with your Testimonial, you can display it with this layout.


This will display imported testimonials from Zillow.

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