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What are the Area Guides, How to access Area Guides, Basic Maneuvering, Setup Overview
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Our Area Guides give you the power to create incredible area pages for all of the specific cities, neighborhoods or condo buildings within the specific market you are looking to dominate.

You can create Top level pages (for example Areas) for a specific city or county, and then Second level pages like Neighborhoods or Condo buildings (Developments) within those cities or counties.

Accessing Your Area Guide Pages

You can access your Area Guide pages by navigating to:
Site Tools > Area Guides. From here, you can manage everything related to your Area Guides page, as well lifestyle tags and additional settings.

Managing your Area Guides

By clicking on any of the area types, you will enter a dashboard designed to manage all your existing Area Guide pages, and as well create new ones.

We have made a new, and easier way to manage the areas you create. 

From here you can Add New Areas, head over to Settings, open the created area in a new tab for a Preview, Edit, or some other actions which appear after clicking on the Actions dropdown. You can also Rename the area by clicking on the area name itself. You can switch between Areas, Neighborhoods, and Developments here as well by selecting "Switch To"


Assign to Page 

This determines which page will be the "parent" page for all of the Area Guides (The overview page). As you click on this button, a small pop-up will appear to select and save the desired parent page.


Sounds pretty straight-forward, basically duplicates the area with it's current settings. To make things easier, as you click on the button, it will prompt you to select the new duplicated area name (to avoid duplicate names and URL's).

Yoast SEO 

Opens up a page where you can adjust your SEO settings using the Yoast SEO Module for adding focus keywords, etc.

If you scroll down in this page, you can also insert Facebook Lead Pixels as well.  

Tutorials for Tracking Leads with the Facebook Lead Pixel:


Deletes the Area Guide entry.

Sorting Options

If you want to have custom order of your Area Guides, head over to Settings

Navigate to Order by, and select Custom, and hit Update to save the changes.

Head back to the Areas, and drag & drop by the arrows (or just click on the arrows up or down) on the right of your area entries in the order you want.

Support is One Click Away

There is a small Submit a ticket in the top right corner. Once you click on it, it will immediately open up the form where you can describe your issue, and submit a support ticket easily.

Further Education:

Learn how to Add/Edit Areas, Neighborhoods, Developments, and also understand how to use all the features of the Area Guides:

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