Neighborhood Guides: Difference between Top Level and Second Level pages

Explaining the difference between these two terms

First and foremost, it's important that you understand the key difference here is regarding their hierarchy. City pages are considered a top level, whereas Neighborhood pages are considered a second level.

Here is a visual representation of the hierarchy:


Perhaps this hierarchy is best demonstrated via the Featured Areas page of your website (normally located at

image (1)-1

And you will also be able to see related Areas/Neighborhoods/Developments in the sticky navigation bar, for example, if one Area has multiple Neighborhoods or Developments.

image (2)-1

As you Area/Neighborhood/Development to your website, you have the option to assign a Parent City (Top Level) for those pages. (For example: Which Area should the Neighborhood belong to)

image (3)-1

image (4)-1

Further Education:

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