The Settings Tab

This tab can be found right under the Content Tab, and it has 3 key components.

  • Header


  • Page Settings

In the header settings, you can assign a Team Member, change the title, and add an excerpt.

Here you can see which part of the page is affected by each option.


The bonus gift section is an option in the page, which can be essentially a secondary offer to the end users.

This section can be hidden by pressing the Hide Bonus Gift button. You can choose which Guide Cover you want to use, or add a Custom Image in the section. Of course, you can edit the title, and add a description.

And you can add a link to the button, and edit the button text.

Page Settings

Under Page Settings, you have 4 toggle options which are the following:

  • Global Header and Footer

  • Custom Container Width

  • Contact CTA

  • Guide Lock

By enabling this, you will enable the global header and footer on the page. See the changes below.

Custom Container Width

By enabling this, you can control how wide the content will be on the page.

For example,if you set the custom width to 600px, the changes will be like this:

Contact CTA

You can enable a call to action button for the page.

The contact button will pull the information from the currently assigned team member.

Guide Lock

By toggling this option, will lock the page behind an optin page, where the end user can optin to the page by logging in with Google, Facebook, or via Email.

Once you enable the option, you can edit the title and the text for the page, and as well add a background image.

NOTE: This feature won't show up inside the editor, only on the page view/preview.

Example of a Guide Lock:

This should cover everything regarding the Settings Tab. Don't forget to Save your changes after you are done with editing your Guide!

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