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  • New Blocks Layout

  • Area Market Reports

  • How To Get It

Part 1 - New Blocks Layout

We've introduced a brand new set of Area Guide blocks along with a new Layout. We'll break things down inside of the new layout.

With our new Map block we're bringing new utility with 5 POI markers.




Transit Stations


And we have two new custom blocks to change up your look!

Life Style block

Gallery Slider block

Market Descriptions w/ Listings

In an effort to make your area pages feel more personal, we are adding an awesome new feature inside of our listings block that includes a pre-generated market description. Instead of just throwing sales trends on the page, we now generate these descriptions automatically that include key market stats that turn all that home junction data into something thats more conversational.

All of these is followed up with our IDX Listing integration which now has a sleek new design.

Part 2 - Market Reports

All the market, sales and demographic data that we deliver through these guides is so important and we felt that it would benefit our clients to offer a way to log some of that data behind a CTA to leverage it to get more leads.

So now when someone opts into these forms in the new Market Report Block they will be instantly redirected to an automatically generated market report.

Now whenever an Area Guide is created. It'll automatically generate and assign an Area Market Report to it. This way when someone opts into the CTA on that Area Page or you share the AMR link directly, they will see a market report filled with important Sales Trends, Demographic Data and if available a few recently sold Comparables. They're not bulky pages. They're pre-generated links that slot fill data based around home junction boundaries. You can freely create and generate results outside your area too.

For instance, you can generate AMR links for zip codes and utilize them for PPC campaigns with ConvertPages or create an Engage CTA and add that to your hyperlocal saved search page to immediately improve it's conversion rates. Really the strategies are endless and this is a tool that your competition most likely doesn't have! Stand out from the rest!

Additional Updates

Along with all the new updates we've also made improvements to our area navigation block, our school block and updating the design of our Yelp block!

Part 3 - How To Get It

If you'd like to migrate all of your Area Guides to our brand new layout, there is a simple way to do it. First, Navigate over to your Area Guides settings page and turn on the new Template Manager:

In our advanced menu, navigate to our template manager under the site tools drop down and click on the category of area pages that you want to migrate:

Third, once inside the template hit the settings tab and under the migrations dropdown you will see that you can preview an example of what one of your migrated pages will look like or click to migrate all your existing legacy designs to our new one.

Quick Note: If you have custom content on your area pages that you'd like to preservice, like Description or Gallery, please reach out to support for assistance.

Further Education:

Learn how to Add/Edit Areas, Neighborhoods, Developments, Market Reports and also understand how to use all the features of the Area Guides:

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