Lead Forms: Multi-Step Form

Here we will introduce you into the Multi-Step Form option that is available inside the AF Lead Form block and the Add Block widget.

First things first, Multi-Step is off by default.


Once Multistep is set to on you are able to set up the Form Settings.

Within the Form Settings you have a few options.

Use Progress Bar

The progress bar allows you to see which step your on rather than just having a title in place.


Custom Form Steps

You have the ability to have more than two (2) steps

Add New Field

Add a new field by selecting Field Type, Field Name, adjusting the column width from 20% up to 80%, Add or Remove Label, Placeholder, Required and even add some advanced settings like css ID and ClassName to add more style to your field.



Protect your forms from fraud or abuse with our reCAPTCHA. Add it inline, on the left or on the right.

Submit Action

For the submit action, you can select to Show Confirmation Message or redirect to a URL after submitting.


Select to show a Previous Button or select to have the entire button as a block.