Here I will walk you through the steps of setting up SNAP. The Auto Posting tool used for blogs to post on Facebook. SNAP Documents for further instruction can be found at .

After a client adds us on Facebook (Article Here) it's our job to create a Facebook App on the [email protected] account.


First go to the Developers FB page and select My Apps on the top right corner.

After, create a new app by selecting the Create App button on the top right corner.

When selecting the Audience we are creating an account on behalf of a single client so select the middle radial Manage integrations on behalf of a single client. This will allow us to access their account and give us business_management permissions.

When selecting an app type, select Business. This will grant us access to their assets like Pages, Events, Groups, Ads, Messenger and Instagram Graph API.

When getting to the Details, you have three fields: Display Name, App Contact Email, and Business Manager Account.

Display Name: Generally something to do with the client account name, ie. domain

Contact Email: This is the email address that is used to contact you about the potential policy violations, app restrictions or steps to recover the app if its been deleted or compromised, so use [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected].

Business Manager Account: AgentFire ID: 19401852215637


Search for the app in the search bar and select it

Select Settings on the left menu and then select Basic.

Copy the APP ID and APP SECRET (You will need this for the SNAP settings in the AgentFire Dashboard)

App Domains:,
Privacy Policy:

For the Data Protection Officer Contact Information add the New York address.

Email: [email protected]
Street Address: 26 Pembroke Drive
City/District: New York
State/Province/Region: NY
ZIP/Postal Code: 11542

then select Add Platform

After that select Website as the platform and add the current site domain.

Refresh the page and on the left menu you should see Facebook Login - Collapse the menu and select Settings

Under the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs you will need to place the SNAP link.


Enable the Login with the JavaScript SDK and add the Allowed Domains for the JavaScript SDK with www. and without

Go to App Review > Permissions and Features - Search for public_profile and email and Request Advanced Access


Head over to the menu bar, ADMIN, then Plugin Settings and select SNAP.

Select Add New Account

From the dropdown select Facebook

For the Account Nickname feel free to name it whatever you would like, something recognizable that mentions FB would be practical. Copy over the App ID and App Secret from the FB app and click on Authorize Your Facebook Account.

When you Authorize the account there are a few steps you will need to follow.

Continue as Nelson Cuesta? Yes

What Pages do you want to use with https://{CLIENT_WEBSITE}.com/?
The easiest way I found to find the domain on the list is to use a short command, and search for the website.

On Mac:

Command key, ⌘ + F

On Windows:

Control key + F

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