Neighborhood Guides: Custom Marketing Message Template

Reach top-site performance with marketing messages that target your local area.


AgentFire sites are designed to target opportunities in the Real Estate industry. To bring the latest techniques in running an efficient site. This is why we've enabled custom marketing messages on Neighborhood guides to maximize the versatility of your marketing tools.

Each Neighborhood Guide page is equipped with the ability to create a custom marketing message that make the pages content more engaging and value driven to fuel positive feedback from your visitors.

Take for example this default message on an Neighborhood Guide page:


Your site comes equipped with a message that's informative and grammatically sound to better target SEO in your local area. But what if you want to create a more personal message for your visitors? Our web application templating technology gives you the ability to do just that.

There are two places to update this message. The first is in the Area Content Settings page, which will update every description on the area pages. The second is on the Neighborhood Guide page.

Area Content Settings



Some of this information may not be available through Attom Data.

Note the options provided on the side, you can use these template variables to target your message as you see fit.


Neighborhood Guide Page

If you'd like to update this message on a specific Neighborhood Guide page, you'll need to open the page builder on that Neighborhood Guide.


You can also get to the Neighborhood Guide page builder through the admin page.


Here a message can be made to target a specific area.


To learn about online marketing in the Real Estate sector check out our guide: The Definitive Guide To Hyperlocal Real Estate Marketing Part 1.

Need more assistance with targeting local markets? Ask your sales rep or one of our live support reps about our content creation services.