Find Your Neighborhood

Guide to set up/customize your find your neighborhood add-on.

After purchasing this add-on, the customization of your template you can find here:

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Default steps (as well as Add new step option if needed), you can find here:

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Click on each step to add an area associated with the step you are editing

(NOTE; your areas must be added first using the Neighborhood guides plugin,

Click on the item inside the step and assign your areas related by typing the area name until autocomplete find your area:

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The universal link for this tool which you can use anywhere on your website is:

This link will open the tool so the end users can find the perfect neighborhood for themselves!

There is also an option with the button settings, select this option with the button role, and then when you click on the button it will show find your neighborhood modal:

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Example: the link is set inside the button on this website:

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The link will open the Quiz!