AgentFire Affiliate Program - Tracking your performance

Tune dashboard offers multiple stats when it comes to tracking your performance in AgentFire Affiliate program.

Tune Performance Report is a great tool to use if you are interested in traffic performance of your campaign. This report is updated on hourly basis.image (36)

Performance Report offers more in-depth look at your traffic performance through filtering options. By default, it will show total number of clicks, but you can also enable gross and unique clicks from the Report Options drop down menu.

image (37)

Conversion Report will show the people that converted on your landing page by inquiring about AgentFire services, by either signing up or booking a demo.

Please note, that this will also show people that signed up for AgentFire Spark trial or booked a demo with our Product Specialists, but did not become paying customers within the selected time period. These two cohorts of conversions are not eligible for a payout, so you can disregard the payout section altogether. By default, all conversions are market as pending until verified.

This report is updated once per month.image (38)

To get more insights about your conversions, you can enable Advertiser Sub ID 2 filed from the Report Options drop down menu.

This will show you the email addresses of people that inquired on your landing page.

Use this to get more info about your conversions from your Account Manager.

image (39)

I am using a 3rd party software to track my campaign performance and the stats are different from the ones in Tune.

While you are absolutely free to use external software to track your marketing efforts, make sure that these services are not changing the URL of your AgentFire partner page in any way.

The only URL format you should be sharing or using inside 3rd party tracking software is the plain AgentFire Landing page URL.

Example of the plain AgentFire Landing page URL

AgentFire Landing page URL with parameters (⚠️do not share this format ⚠️)