ConvertPages: Editing Your ConvertPage Templates Part 2: The Design Tab

The design tab of your ConvertPages focuses on the featured images, text content, and colors found on the page.

If you've already started on a sample ConvertPage, and have reviewed the introduction to ConvertPages and the editing templates overview, it's time to start making changes directly to the contents in the design tab and create a beautiful ConvertPage. 


The single most important aspect of your page is your chosen background image.  It should be properly web optimized and have a minimum width of 1800px for desktop display.  

If you are uncertain how to optimize images using photoshop, you may find that online resources like can make web optimization a breeze. 

Add or select a background image to use: 


The image you use may or may not benefit from a color overlay to help ensure that the text is clear and readable on the page.  

While you do also have the ability to change the text color, there are times when the text will simply not be enough.  It is important that your text is readable if it is scaled to mobile.  

Add an image color overlay as needed. 


The opacity level of your color  can be adjusted easily with the toggle to the right. 


Select a team, individual or broker logo to display on the page:

You may use the media library to save or upload an image to use for this area.  You may optionally adjust the logo height with the scale below.  

Note: It is recommended that you use scaling tools only for finalizing size, not for optimizing.  If your logo is 1000px wide, and you scale it down to 100px, it's not going to look right.  


Place your Title Text, Subtitle text and edit sizing and colors:

The Titles, and Subtitles are editable.  In addition, you may use the available toggles and color charts to make adjustments to the size and color of each.  

Note: Be careful to finalize these settings only after you have confirmed the form style and display method you plan to utilize.