Differences between AgentFire IDX and Showcase IDX

This article is meant to sum up some of the key differences between the mentioned IDX feeds AgentFire currently offers.

  1. Cutting-Edge Early Access Experience - From an IDX standpoint, you will find that other than what we feel is a more modern look, most of the features are quite similar to ShowcaseIDX (and anything missing is actively in development). 

    But despite these limitations, this is also a great part of our IDX's early access because clients get to be on the ground floor of something amazing and they get the opportunity to help us test and provide feedback on features. Something you don't get the opportunity to do with ShowcaseIDX.

  2. Tailored Customizations with AgentFireIDX - One aspect that is different with AgentFireIDX when compared to ShowcaseIDX is it's flexible customizations. For an additional fee, unless the client is currently in development with a custom built, clients can pay to have their IDX Listing Template customized further to their preferences. 

    Let's say you want to add a unique call to action, rearrange the layout, have a more prominent about description... this is all possible with AgentFireIDX. Not to mention our templates come pre-loaded with agent information where Showcase's does not.

  3. Enhanced Lead Data Quality - Leads - Quality of lead data is another way that our IDX is different than Showcase's. Becuase AgentFireIDX was built specifically for our platform, you get much more complete lead data profiles that come equipped with not only what they are searching, viewing, and saving on the IDX BUT also everything else they are doing on your website. 

    What pages they are viewing, communities they looked at, forms they opted into, etc. Then we package all this up and send to our integrated CRMs like FollowUpBoss, LionDesk, CRMGrow, and Zapier (note that we are still pushing final updates to some of these). Now although you can still get similar data with our integration with Showcase, AgentFireIDX provides a much more seamless and accurate approach to this.

  4. FUB Widget Integration for Added Functionality - AgentFireIDX also comes with a widget that you can enable inside your FollowUpBoss account (if they use that platform). Here you can load up specific AgentFire features directly inside of a FUB Contact, including controlling AgentFire's assignment features, and using natural language to set up Search Alerts. Something again ShowcaseIDX does not offer.


Important thing to note is that AgentFire IDX is currently in BETA stage

These are just a few of the key differences with more improvements getting released every month.