Can I use Wix domain hosting and the AgentFire website?

Wix is not allowing changing name servers for domains they host

Do you prioritize the use of the existing domain?

If you are going to use your current domain (hosted by Wix), you should consider initiating a domain transfer to another provider since Wix does not allow nameservers change for domains they host.

Be aware of potential delays due to Wix's reported slowdown tactics.

If the use of a new domain is acceptable to you, choosing a platform like GoDaddy offers a fast and straightforward website migration process.

Choose Your Path

Option 1: Transfer Your Domain Away from Wix:

Contact Wix support: Initiate a domain transfer request with Wix support, providing your chosen new hosting provider's information.
Follow transfer instructions: Wix will provide specific steps to finalize the transfer process. Be prepared for potential delays of up to 60 days.
Update DNS settings: Once the transfer is complete, configure your new hosting provider's DNS settings to point to your website content.

Option 2: Migrate to a New Domain (Not from Wix):

Select a new domain: Choose a domain name available with your preferred hosting provider (like GoDaddy).
Set up the new domain: Follow your provider's instructions to configure the new domain and hosting.

Seek provider support:

Don't hesitate to reach out to your chosen hosting provider (GoDaddy or others) for specific guidance throughout the migration process.

Prepare for downtime: During the transfer process, your website might experience temporary downtime. Plan accordingly and inform your audience if necessary.

Don't panic!: While migrating might seem daunting, most hosting providers offer user-friendly tools and support to walk you through the process.

Remember: This is just a guide, and specific steps may vary depending on your chosen hosting provider and domain registrar. Always refer to their official documentation or contact their support for accurate instructions.