LeadLink Tutorial

Step by step process of how to add a new user and team member to your AgentFire website, with the Agent Users Addon, along with how LeadLink works from your team website. This tool allows all visitors to be assigned to the designated team member.

DISCLAIMER: If you are running Google Ads, please ensure to only use one ads account for your website to avoid getting blacklisted. This means if any agent using LeadLink would like to run their own Google Ad Campaigns, that you set those adsets up inside the primary Google Ads account used for your website. We always suggest consulting with a PPC expert before launching any campaign.

  • Log into your AgentFire account, and head over to the marketplace


  • Once you are in the marketplace, scroll down to the Agent Users Addon
  • This Addon is $5 per user, per month

Agent Users Addon

  • Once you have turned on the Agent Users feature, go to your AgentFire dashboard and over to site tools
  • Once in Site Tools, click on team members
  • "Add new team member"

Team Members Tab

  • After clicking "Add New Team Member", create a profile for your added agent and name the page your new agent's first and last name
  • This will create a sub page on your website 
  • For Example "www.areallygreatrealestateteam.com/agentname"
  • Click "Create Profile"

Creating agent profile

  • Once you have created a profile for your new agent, you will go to your dashboard, scroll down to Site Tools -> Agent Users 

Adding Agent User

  • To add a new user, click "Add New"
  • A dropdown will appear with your team members, select the team member
  • Their email address will appear
  • Add an alias (this will be used for their LeadLink)
  • Once you have filled out this out, be sure to click the blue "Update" button to save changes

Adding Agent User Dashboard

  • Team members dashboard will not have all the same features as the main AgentFire account, but they will have access to update their personal addon page like their outward facing profile, listings reviews, and blog posts
  • Team members are able to edit this outward facing page by clicking "Profile Page" at the top of dashboard

Team Member Dashboard

  • This will then redirect the team member to the editor of their profile to update their bio, add any additional blocks like featured listings & areas, blog posts, reviews, and Social Media posts.

Page Editor

  • Now that the team member profile and user account is set up, anyone who searches for properties from their profile, will now have the attribution of the assigned team member

Branded listing page

  • Visitors who click on the "Contact" button will now receive the lead in their account and will be submitted into the CRM (client relation management) synced with the website

Branded Contact page

  • You will also be able to view the new lead in your AgentFire lead manager

New lead 1

new lead 2


  • Next you will also be able to go to the Lead Manager and get your slug URL that can be added to any link on the team website

URL Slug

  • By clicking the blue link button, you can create your own link (which is recommended for precise link creation) and adding your URL slug to the end.

URL Generator

  • LeadLink can also be used to create your own saved searches; you will go to the forward facing version of your website and search for properties

Searching from website

  • Once you search an area, you will see a button that says "Save Search"
  • You will then proceed to naming the saved search

Creating Saved search 1

Creating saved search 2

  • Once you have done this, it will route back into your saved searches in your AgentFire account

Saved Searches

  • Anytime someone views a property from your saved search, it will automatically have the team members attribution attached