Manually Create AF IDX Accounts for Leads & Prospects

In this tutorial, we're going to show you how to manually create AF IDX accounts for your leads, prospects and clients so that you can work with them through collaborative IDX search and, most commonly, set them up for custom listing alerts.


Navigate to the 'Lead Manager' section of your dashboard

Okay. So the first thing you'll want to do is from your dashboard navigate over to the lead manager section of your website.


Click here

Once you're there you're going to click the green plus button to add a new idx user.


Enter your IDX Lead Information and click 'Add Lead'

Then you'll enter the information for your idx lead and click add lead.


Login information sent to your lead

And you're done. So what will happen is your user will then receive an email with their login information and a link to where they can access their account.


Your lead is now in your Lead Manager

And then you'll be able to go in and add custom alerts for your users via their data or if you're using follow-up boss. You can also add custom alerts from there as well using the agent fire follow up boss, which it


This guide detailed the steps to manually create AF IDX accounts for leads and prospects, so that you can setup them up with accounts on your IDX to search collaboratively, create custom listing alerts, and much more!