Moving Your Website Away from kvCORE: What You Need to Know

This guide explains the steps involved in moving your website from kvCORE's platform to our service. It also addresses a potential hurdle we might encounter and how we'll work together to overcome it.

1. Setting the Stage:

Understanding the CloudFlare Conflict: Both kvCORE and our service use a platform called CloudFlare (CF) to manage websites. Unfortunately, CF doesn't allow the same domain to be active on two different accounts simultaneously. This means, once we start the migration, your website may go offline until kvCORE removes your domain from their CF account.

2. The Migration Process:

Contacting kvCORE: We'll reach out to kvCORE support requesting them to delete your domain and its associated CF account. This is crucial to avoid the conflict mentioned above.

However, they will respond to your email since you are their client and 

Waiting for Confirmation: Once kvCORE confirms the deletion, we can add your domain to our CF account and activate your website on our platform.

3. Potential Downtime:

2-7 Day Window: Unfortunately, kvCORE support can sometimes take several days to process these requests. This means your website might be down for anywhere between 2 and 7 days. While we can't control their response time, we'll work diligently to expedite the process on our end.

4. What You Can Expect:

Clear Communication: We'll keep you updated every step of the way, informing you of progress and any delays from kvCORE.
Transparency: We'll explain the technical aspect of the conflict and answer any questions you have about the process.
Proactive Approach: We'll actively pursue a swift resolution with kvCORE and explore alternative solutions if necessary.

5. Minimizing Disruption:

Planning ahead, accommodate your website services, pause your website marketing.

We'll ensure your website data is secure throughout the process and readily available when your site goes live on our platform.

Moving your website to our servers is an important step, and we understand the inconvenience of potential downtime. However, by working together and with your understanding, we're confident we can minimize the disruption and bring your website to our platform seamlessly.

Please don't hesitate reaching out to our support at if you have any questions or concerns.