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To properly gauge your audience, compare success rates, and make site adjustments, you'll need good data that provides indicators of what works great and what isn't converting. There are a number of considerations to make when deciding on things like facebook remarking, building lead pages, adding IDXpages & more.

Converting leads into transactions involves not just tracking your users, but engaging with them in ways that encourage the development of relationships. It starts with understanding your audience, by keeping tabs on your site performance. It ends with good CRM managment to ensure you're making the most out of every lead, and providing timely responses to client questions & inquiries.

When it comes to analyzing your website's traffic and tracking a visitor's experience, there are a couple key tools you will want to be utilizing. Below we have highlighted some details on how you can take advantage of these powerful tools that will assist you in optimizing your website so you can get better results!

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that provides you a snapshot of what your website traffic is doing on your site. Within a few seconds you can gain key insights on your visitors that include: the pages they are viewing, how they are getting there, how long they are staying, and who is referring your traffic.

One of the best uses of Google Analytics is to help optimize your marketing initiatives. You can easily track the performance of specific landing pages, see which advertising methods are working better than others and gain other valuable insights that will allow you to continue to tweak strategies so you can get the best ROI.

Both Google Pixels & Facebook pixels are supported on our sites, and individual tracking scripts can be added to both Pages and Posts within your WordPress admin area. Primary tracking scripts can be added to the header of your site by our support teams, and you are encouraged to send those requests directly to [email protected] for fast and accurate placement of these tracking mechanisms.

IDX Lead Tracking

One of the most common questions we receive from clients is - "how do I track what my leads are doing on my search pages?". To gain valuable lead insights that are gathered on your property search pages, look no further than your selected IDX tool integrated on your website (Diverse Solutions -or- Showcase IDX).

Showcase IDX


Start by logging in to your LeadMagic Dashboard by navigating to the primary search page url on the front end of your site. This in most cases will be your domain name followed by /properties/.

Learn how to login your your admin dashboard here: 

Log in to your showcaseIDX admin area here:

View additional resources for ShowcaseIDX admin areas is available here: 

Once logged in, you will be able to track all the leads that get captured on your property pages. You can view key insights on which properties they are viewing, which properties they like, dislike etc. Using Showcase IDX as an example, you can easily view all your lead information on your IDX Control Panel and set up powerful tools such as automatic property update emails based on your leads preferred property types.

You can also route leads to Liondesk or FollowUpBoss, and other CRM's with a premium ShowcaseIDX account.  Learn more about CRM lead routing in this article: 

Diverse Solutions

Your IDX visitors are tracked and logged from within your Diverse Solutions control panel, available here:

Once you are logged in, look for the IDX Products button in the top right, and select "Contacts". All IDX visitors are shown on this page:

Google Analytics Reporting Options

Once you've established analytics with google, and are comfortable with the IDX lead monitoring and tracking tools provided with your IDX provider, you'll want to start marketing your site online, and tracking your site performance. Understanding your site performance in clear and consise ways will improve your ability to identify weak areas and bolster high performing conversion pages on your site.

We recommend a few 3rd party products that can aid in reporting of your Google Analytics data:

1. - Provides reports & tools that can aid in creation and monitoring of advertising strategies and success rates.

2. - Provides a simple, CEO's memo style report in plain, natural english, making complicated metrics easy to digest and better understand.

CRM - Lead Management

A CRM plays an integral part in your marketing efforts. It allows you to better manage client relationships while assisting you hit a higher conversion rate with your leads. Remember, generating a lead is easy. Understanding how best to curate that lead into a relationship and a transaction is not. Having better response tools to automate your strategies, ensure quick responses to hot leads, as well as additional ways to re-engage with your audience will ensure you stay top of mind and ultimately raise your conversion rates.

To learn more about our CRM integration and their importance to your AgentFire website, please read this article here: What Is A CRM and why is it important?

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