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Getting Started with Forms: IDX & Hosting Form Guide

Welcome to the initial phase of building your AgentFire website! Before diving in, it's crucial to understand that completing all forms in your website's backend is a prerequisite for progressing your project into the development stage.

In addition to these basic forms, you might find others related to specific design packages or add-ons. These are equally important but vary based on your chosen services. Don't worry; your Onboarding Specialist is always on hand to assist you in filling out and submitting the necessary content for these forms.

For the Hosting and IDX Form, it's essential that you provide the most accurate and current information. We advise our clients to double, and possibly triple-check submitted information, to avoid delays. 

Every completed form takes us a step closer to bringing your AgentFire website to life. Let’s begin!

You can find out what IDX is here

When filling out the IDX form, it's crucial to ensure all information is accurate and current. Incorrect details can significantly hinder the IDX approval process. If you're unsure about any required information, we recommend consulting with a representative from your office, brokerage, or MLS to confirm its accuracy before submission. You'll find a list of the required information along with explanations for each item below.

The initial step on the IDX form involves selecting your preference for IDX usage. You'll be presented with three choices: opting out of IDX if you do not wish to use IDX services, using AgentFire IDX, or choosing Showcase IDX. 

The IDX approval process can take anywhere from five business days to a month. If you choose AgentFire IDX, we'll have a degree of oversight, but the timeline largely relies on your broker and the designated MLS personnel. Should you have any concerns about the duration of the process, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

If AgentFire IDX is selected 

  • Please enter your First and Last Name* - Please provide the first and last name of the agent who holds an active membership in the MLS. This is necessary for us to obtain approval to display the IDX feed.

  • Email* - Enter the email address of the agent who has an active membership.

  • Phone* - Enter the phone number of the agent who has an active membership.

  • Please enter your Agent MLS ID or Flex User ID -

- The Agent MLS ID is a unique number given to a real estate agent by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).

- Flex User ID -  It usually begins with 3 letters * sample (abc.12345).


  • Please enter your License/BRE* (For Californian Agents Only): - Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) / Licence number of the agent - For Californian Agents Only

  • Office Name*: - Enter the name of the real estate office where the agent works.

  • Office Phone*: - Phone number of the office the agent is with

  • Office MLS ID*: - This is the specific ID code or number that the office has been assigned by the MLS 

  • Office BRE*: - This refers to the official registration number of the office.

  • Office Address* (Make sure this address is on file with your MLS!):

    • Street Address

    • City

    • ZIP Code

    • State

  • Brokerage Name*: - Name of the brokerage 

  • Broker in Charge Name* : - Designated Broker

  • Broker Email*: - This should be an address where the broker can quickly receive and respond to agreement signings.

  • Broker MLS ID*: - ID code/number the broker is registered with

  • Your MLS Market Name*: - In this section, you can select the MLS Market from which you'd like to get the IDX feed.


  • Do you need Additional MLS' commingled?*: - If you're looking to add more than one MLS, we can definitely do that for you. There's an extra charge involved, though. The main/primary MLS costs $30 per month (plus any passthrough fees, if applicable), and each additional MLS will be an extra $20 per month (plus passthrough fees, if there are any).

  1.  If "No, I am good for now" is selected, nothing happens.
  2.  If "Yes, I need commingled feed now" a new list of entries is open, and you need to repeat the above process (Name>Your MLS Market Name) for the new MLS Market


  • Live website URL* - The live website URL

  • IDX ordering and hosting during development* - Signature is needed

If Showcase IDX is selected

  • Please enter your First and Last Name*
  • Email*
  • Phone*
  • Your Temporary Website URL (for site that we are developing)* - AgentFire website URL
  • Company / Brokerage Name* - Name of the company / Brokerage
  • Is the site being created for an agent or brokerage?*
    1. Agent

    2. Brokerage

  • Please enter your Agent ID#* - ID Code/number of the agent
  • Please enter your Office ID#* - ID Code/number of the office
  • Please enter your Broker's First Name* - Broker's First name
  • Please enter your Broker's Last Name* - Broker's last name
  • Please enter your Broker's Email Address* -  This should be an address where the broker can quickly receive and respond to agreement signings.
  • Your MLS Market Name - Showcase IDX*  - Here you choose the MLS Market from which you want to request the IDX feed
  • Please enter your Broker ID#* - ID code/number the Broker is registered with.
  • Have you fully explored your business needs with this IDX vendor?
    1. Yes, I've researched and verified this IDX vendor has what I need.

  • Select Your Preferred Showcase IDX Package*
    1. AgentFire + Showcase IDX Essentials -$149/mo

    2. AgentFire + Showcase IDX Premium- $189/mo

IDX ordering and hosting during development: - Signature needed

I will not use IDX provider on my website

It's very important to choose this option, even if you don't plan on using any of the IDXs. By selecting it, you'll only need to complete the section for signing and entering personal details.

Please enter your First and Last Name*


IDX ordering and hosting during development: - Signature needed

The Domain form/Hosting form is relatively straightforward, yet it's essential to provide accurate and current information. This form aids our live site setup team in seamlessly launching your website at the end of the development phase. Please note, that while you're submitting domain registrar information now, we won't initiate the live launch of your website until we receive your explicit approval.


Name - You need to input your First and Last Name

Direct Phone Number - The phone number where we can contact you directly

Email - Your e-mail address


Domain part:

During the final stage of the migration process, we'll need to update your domain's name server settings.

This action essentially directs internet traffic to our servers, effectively transferring your website to our platform. This crucial step enables the transfer of your website data and functionality to our servers, ultimately making your website live on our platform.

Please note that for the DNS changes to take effect, there might be a propagation period of up to 30 minutes depending on your location, or it could take up to 24 - 48 hours across the entire Internet.


Your Website URL (for the LIVE transfer) - What's the domain name you plan to use for your live AgentFire site? If you haven't bought a domain yet, no worries – just write 'comingsoon.com' for now.


Who is your domain hosting provider? - please select your domain hosting provider from the dropdown menu provided.


Did you use kvCORE

  • Yes
    • Please read these instructions for kvCORE users
      • I understand and agree - when you've gone through the instructions, please make sure to tick this box to confirm.
  • No


Important note: -

Please note that if your current website provider uses CloudFlare (CF), it needs to be deactivated either before or during the migration process. This step is crucial to prevent any potential conflicts. Keep in mind that the time it takes to deactivate CF may vary, as it depends on the response time of your hosting provider's support team.

We'll make every effort to speed up the migration process on our end, but please be aware that we cannot commit to a specific timeline due to external dependencies.

Development Site Hosting Acknowledgement


During the development of your website, monthly fees will be charged to ensure proper allocation of space on our servers and the setup of all necessary tools. If you have any inquiries about product pricing, please reach out to your sales representative at sales@agentfire.com. Extended development periods for websites usually occur due to incomplete information in the forms or delays in processing paperwork for IDX feed approval. We encourage you to carefully fill out the forms and collaborate with your broker to fulfill the requirements for IDX provider approval. Hosting fees are applicable irrespective of the duration, whether short or long, that your site remains in development with your designer.


You should tick the checkbox next to - I understand and agree

Following that, you'll need to electronically sign the form.