My Listings: Configuring a listings feed

Create an overview page for your listing entries with ease using Spark builder elements and available filters.

NOTE: It is recommended to have listing entries created before you start setting up your listing feed. If you haven't created any listings yet, and need help with that follow this link.

Creating A Listing Feed

To generate a listing feed you will want to create a new page first.


Navigate to Pages from the top menu, then press the Add A Page button and select Build A Custom Page.

image (1)

Once the page is created, press the Edit Page button, and then start by adding a new block.

image (2)

Collapse the Categories bar, and find the Listing category.

image (3)

And select one of the Listing Feed options.

image (4)


First you can filter the feed results to only display listings from specific categories defined by location and status.

image (5)

If you need information on how to create these filters, review our tutorial on Listings V3 Settings.


Any changes to these filters will automatically display in the page preview.

image (8)

image (7)

Note: The Show Status Ribbon option will need to be toggled on for this ribbon to display. Please refer to building a listing entry for toggling this option.

Page Layout

There are 2 types of layouts:

  1.  Integrated

  2.  Standalone



Integrated uses the normal page layout.

image (10)

Standalone is a page layout with a map and a home button on the left side, and the listing feed on the right side.

image (9)

Items Layout


image (10)


image (11)

Listing Order


image (12)

If you select anything other than Default, a new option will appear, which controls the Ascending/Descending order.

image (13)

Listings Per Page


image (14)

The listings per page option provides automatic pagination of listing results to ensure that your visitors can quickly load the page when there are numerous listing results.

This setting controls how many appear before adding tabbed pagination to the bottom of the grid.

You may also set a strict result limit total on how many listings can be shown.  This is separate from pagination, and is typically used to provide a small number of listings to feature on areas like a homepage.

image (15)

You may also decide to display listings with filtering capabilities.  This is typically used when there are too many listing results to display on a single page, and pagination is not sufficient.

image (16)

Display Map

image (17)

Displays a map on the page, and will add markers with the listing locations to it (if the location is set, and correct).

Now one cool trick you may want to utilize is when displaying the map, also turn on the listings container, as it will make the design of the page smoother.

image (18)

Continuing Education: 

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