Team Members: Connecting your listings (with AF Listings V2/V3)

Displaying your manually entered listings in your Team Member profiles is possible in both versions of our AF Listings plugin.

If you make use of our Listings plugin, you can take advantage of the available Status Filters to create groups of listings to display in your Team Member profiles.  

To learn more about creating filters for your listings, review these articles:

Selecting Listings for display in your team member profile

Navigate to your Team Member Profile, and open the content editor. To learn how to access the content editor for an agent profile, visit our team member plugin introduction.

Select the Add Block button and choose the Featured Listings block.  


Once the listing block is added, select "Featured Listing" text at the top left of the block, then expand the Content tab to reveal the Listings Source.


Choose the listings source from the dropdown. This product supports ShowcaseIDX, Diverse Solutions, and our AF Listings plugins.  

Select AF Listings V2 or V3 from the dropdown. 

Don't know which one you are using? If your listings plugin uses the same AF Editor shown here in your team member plugin, you are using V3.  If your listing plugin uses customizable ACF sections you are using V2.  


Set the title you'd like to have displayed above the listings areas of your profile. 


Select a filter to use from your available status'. 

Note: You may add new status' and apply them to listings as needed. For info on how to add new status' in Listings v2, view this tutorial. 

For listings V3 - view this tutorial. 


Optionally include a link back to the full results on a page

You may optionally add a view all button to this set of listing results by using the toggle below the listings subtitle.

Learn more about how to create a listings feed page, view these tutorials:

Once you have established a page on your site with a result group of listings, you can use that URL to link to from your Team member profile.   

Add a URL to the View All Button. 


The result is your listings are available in carousel format, and a link provides access to the full results in grid format on a page. 

Further Education: