Home Values: Adjusting Titles, Templates and Calls To Action

Customize and control what your home values platform communicates to your end users.

The Home Valuation platform offers a variety of tools to help you customize the experience you deliver to your end users.  From adjusting the text shown in the 4 primary steps of the report, to your profile display, even error behavior is completely editable in the settings area. 

Navigate to Site Tools > Home Values > Customize & Settings


Contact Information Form Fields: 

Your leads are important, and balancing lead volume with lead quality is always a careful dance between asking too little and asking too much.  What you require from end users obtaining a report may or may not include requirements for their full name or phone number. 

Requiring a phone number: If you require their phone number, expect a lower conversion ratio.  The leads you generate will be extremely high quality and offer you the opportunity to immediately call each lead, which can lead to a higher lead to closing ratio. 

Making the phone number optional: Most users if given the choice will not provide a phone number.  This will lead to a much higher overall frequency of leads, but leads will only include an email address, which means that it is all the more important that you have a solid follow up plan with your CRM to curate these leads as effectively as possible. 

Requiring a Full Name: If you require a full name, expect a slightly lower conversion ratio.  This can be helpful if you utilize lead routing to software that separates the name fields into two separate fields.  By default, our systems use a single name field only for highest conversions and first name opportunities in follow up.  

Making the Full Name optional: This allows for the highest possible conversion ratios, and still provides you with important lead data.  

Expand the Settings Module


Select the form fields tab. 


Select name or number and make them mandatory as needed. 


The Templates tab allows you to control the various text and messages used in each of the steps of your valuation platform, as well as details of your profile shown in completed reports. 


In your Settings Module, look for and select the Templates Tab. 

Navigate to the Templates Tab. 


The first section on the page is an important one, as it controls the primary text displayed to the visitor in the first step of the Home Valuation page. 

Notes on merge tags:  that the text, by default utilizes a merge tag which propagates a location title based on GEOIP.  This is a great way to help personalize user visits by displaying the location they are in.  

The entire text area here is completely editable through the WordPress text editor.  You may format text, images, or other html as desired here, and you may choose to use or discard the GEOIP merge tag.  


Search Field placeholder text

The first step of the home valuation page also includes a search box for the address.  You may edit and update this text based on your preferences. 


The change will be shown in the first step of the home valuation page. 


Authentication Title

The authentication title is shown on the third step, above the social buttons and email option for users to provide their contact information when requesting a home valuation. 


You may update this text as needed. 


Authentication description text 

The authentication description text is shown on the third step, above the social buttons and email option for users to provide their contact information when requesting a home valuation. 


You may update this text as needed. 


Editing the profile shown in your reports

Your clients receive completed reports immediately after confirming their contact information.  This report includes an area where your own company or personal information can be shown.  


To edit or make changes to your profile, scroll down the templates tab content until you see the Header Profile Image, Header Title, and Header Text input areas. 

Make changes to your profile as needed. 


You may also display a video in your reports if desired.  This is an excellent time to introduce your company, your services, and outline why you are the best company for their real estate service needs.  

Adding a video is easy! You do not need to use any share options from YouTube.  Simply paste in the URL for any video you may want to use, by copying directly from your browser. 


Paste a full YouTube desktop URL into the Header Video area as desired. 


Your video will automatically be converted to an embedded object and shown in the report. 


Including a company logo on the page

Your primary page can also optionally include additional company information, including a logo and a phone number.  

The logo can be applied in the templates tab using the media library selection tool to assign an image to use. 

Add a team or company logo as needed. 


You may control the maximum height of the logo to ensure proper sizing. 


You may also optionally add a hyperlink to any URL (like your homepage). 


The resulting logo will be shown in the top left corner of the page. 


Including a phone number on the page:

You may also display a phone number in the top right corner of the page as desired.  Adding a phone number may or may not require updating the color of the text to make sure it is readable.  If you need assistance changing the color, reach out to our support teams at [email protected] and we're happy to help. 

Add a phone number to your template if desired


Your phone number will be displayed in the top right corner.


Font Awesome icons for your phone number

You may also use any icon from the Font Awesome Icon library that you wish.  The default icon is the solid phone style  but there are many icons to choose from, if you want to display something else.  

To choose a new icon, head over to the font awesome library

Click directly on the icon you wish to utilize


Copy the full snippet of html shown below the logo


Paste your new icon snippet into the phone icon input field next to your phone number options. 


Error Message Fallback options: 

The homejunction.com API is extremely robust, no service provider in the world (even Zillow) has available automatic valuations for every piece of property in the US. 

So while you can expect the vast majority of your property requests to automatically provide users a report, it is important that visitors for whom do NOT have an automatic report available still be given value and reasons to continue through to convert as a lead.  

For that reason, the default fall back is to notify the user that a personalized in-office CMA can be provided to them instead.

Edit the Error message if desired. 


It's important to note that this error message is completely editable, and you do not need to offer your end users personalized CMA's if you do not plan to run comps and provide them manually.  

It is however, a great opportunity to build a relationship with the client. 

To modify this message, simply edit the Error Message text area of the Templates tab.  
Should you choose to modify the text, be sure to consider ways to encourage your end users to continue through and become a lead.  

For those that do complete a request based on your error message, you may elect to modify the confirmation message that is shown. 

Edit the confirmation message if desired. 


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