To get started, go into your admin dashboard, navigate to General Content > Menus > Footers.

Once you are inside the Footers, you can add a new one by clicking on the + sign

You have the option to build Custom Footers from scratch if you are confident enough, but there is always an alternative to build one out of the templates we have.

In case you go for the template option (which is recommended), a new window will come up where you can choose the footer style, then you will need to name your Footer, and lastly Add the Footer on the bottom of your screen.

or you can edit the existing footers which can be done by clicking on the Edit button. (By default your site will have a Footer)

Once you are in the (Footer) Menu Editor, you will notice 2 tabs on the left side which are:

  • Content

  • Target


Content is split into 3 parts, where you can adjust:

  • Footer Content

  • Footer Bottom

  • Color Settings

Collapse each tab to see their available customization options.

Now lets break down each one:

You can have up to 3 Menus in the footer. You can select which menu you want to display by collapsing each Menu Column to choose from the available menus, and you can also give them a Title.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This applies only to the first Footer style, the Light Footer (second style, or rather say "The Small Footer") can have only 1 Menu.

Footer Bottom contains:

  • Social Icons - By enabling this, it will pull all your social media accounts connected to the site

  • Text/Image Logo - Add Text as a Logo, or an Image

  • Logo Height - Adjust the Height in pixels

  • Bottom Text - Add additional text to the very bottom

Color Settings

There are a few color options you can adjust:

  • Background Color

  • Title Color

  • Font Color

Target Tab

Page Level Targeting works the same as for Spark Header, so in case you missed that article, you can read it here.

Once you are happy with the changes you made to your header, click on the check mark button to save all your changes, and lastly the X button to exit the Header Editor.

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