If you are currently running email through your domain:

We will need, at bare minimum - copies of the MX records detailing where your email services are routed. 

We will need to make the necessary MX record changes on our end prior to updating the nameservers to ensure your services continue to operate.

Godaddy Options:

Delegating Access On your Registar with Godaddy

Checking & Managing Your MX Records

All Other Registrars:

If you would like us to make changes for you, please choose from the following options:

  1. Provide our live transfer team your registrar login & pw. We're happy to make these changes for you, and you are welcome to update/change your PW after our teams have completed changes for you.
  2. Delegate Access to your Registrar using a similar feature (if available) to Godaddy's Delegate Access capabilities.

If you are NOT currently running email through your domain, but would like to: 

We recommend Gmail for business as the most popular option for a professional email environment with tons of great features and a familiar user interface.  If you do decide to sign up, you will need to let our teams know at your soonest convenience that you will be running Gmail through the domain.  We already have the MX records on file for this system and can make the updates to your account quickly. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  MX Records must be updated PRIOR to updating Nameservers:

If you would like to make your own changes to the nameservers in your registrar:

  1. Provide a copy of the MX records & DNS Zone file contents to our live transfer teams. This may be a text file or screenshot - We will need to update your zone file on our end prior to having you change your nameservers. 

Your email and other services MUST be updated on our end prior to the Nameservers being changed. Otherwise your email services may abruptly stop working without any warning.

Updating your own nameservers: 

If you are updating your own nameservers, and have verified our teams have updated your MX records, you may update your nameservers on file to:


But Why do I need to point my nameservers to you? 

Great question.  There are two major reasons for this.  

  1.  We use a global CDN: Your website will be placed on our Cloudflare.com account, which is a Global Content Delivery Network that ensures that copies of your website are always in a nearby location for site visitors no matter where they are on the planet.  Use of this CDN speeds up your site performance considerably, but requires that we control the DNS Zone File. 
  2. DNS zone files can be confusing: Last thing we want is to put you in a position where you are in unfamiliar territory that can prove both frustrating and time consuming to correct errors which can effect your site or other related services from working properly. 

Unfamiliar with Email Routing and Hosting Topics? Below is some simple lingo that will help clarify. 

Registrar: This is where you purchased your domain name.  Companies like Godaddy.com, eNom.com, Tucows.com, specialize in the sales and resale of domain names on the web. 

DNS Zone File: This is similar to a postal address.  A zone file is a central location where instructions for routing various services of your domain name are kept.  These include things like: 

  1. Where your domain is pointed
  2. Where your email is pointed
  3. Where verification of ownership records can be stored for 3rd party services

MX Records: These are bits of information contained in a DNS Zone file that tell the internet where to look for things like: email hosts, website hosts, and more. 

Nameservers: When you purchase a domain name, you have the option to keep your DNS zone file with your current provider, or point the domain out to another provider.  Companies like AgentFire.com require pointing of the nameservers to our hosting services so we can properly optimize the delivery speeds of your website over the internet. 

Website Hosting:  At AgentFire.com we host your website through our server infrastructure.  This is only one facet of available services you can utilize with a domain name.  Strictly speaking, we only host websites.  We do not offer email hosting, or other registrar services.

Email Hosting:  Companies like Gmail.com, Hotmail.com, Zoho.com and others specialize in the hosting and delivery of email services which can be routed through your domain name using MX records in your DNS zone file.

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