The home valuation plugin makes it easy to track performance of your ad campaigns as well as the success of your conversions for full lead capture entries. 

Compatible with any tracking scripts your monitoring service may utilize in the header output of your html. 

Placing a tracking script

We'll need to access the Home Valuation Settings area in order to place tracking or conversion scripts.  

In your Home Valuation settings area, note that there are three modules. 

  1. Settings

  2. Notifications

  3. Appearance

Expand the Settings Module. 

The First tab shown is the General Tab, and this controls all of your tracking, and conversion codes that you may utilize.  These are compatible with all tracking scripts from Google and Facebook platforms. 

For general tracking codes you may simply press "Add Tracking Code" and place your provided script. It's super important to add only facebook pixel events, and not the whole pixel code. If you not sure how that code looks, check this article How to setup event tracking. In case you add a FB pixel, the result will be a broken page.

If you are participating in both Facebook Remarketing and Google Adwords campaigns, you may track these both by entering them into individual tracking code boxes.  

Click Add Tracking Code again to open a second script embed entry point.

It's super important to add only facebook pixel events, and not the whole pixel code.

Placing Conversion Codes

You may want to track conversions separately by monitoring what your bounce rate is, what your completion rate is, or even track each individual step of the reporting system to see what your performance does over time. 

Add your facebook pixel or google conversion code as needed. 

Available Selections include: 

  1. Step one (address)

  2. step 2 (property verification)

  3. Step 3 (Contact Information)

  4. Step 4 (Report Delivery)

  5. Error messages (for unable to compute valuation errors)

Select what step you want this conversion code to fire on.  

Be sure to save your changes! 

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