Introducing the Guide Creator

Get familiar with the basic maneuvers on the Guide Creator plugin.

With one of our newest additions to our ever-growing arsenal, the Guide Creator lets you create and manage Custom Guides and much more. Let's dive into the features and some basic options.

Accessing the Guide Creator

To access the Guide Creator plugin, head over to your dashboard, and navigate to Site Tools > Guide Creator.

Adding a New Guide

By clicking on the Manage Guides, you will be sent to the Guide Manager page, where you can crate new, or access any previously created guides. To add a new guide, click on the "Add New Guide" button. 


As you click on the button, you will see some Pre-made Layouts, or can start from scratch with a Blank Layout. Once you are set with one, click on the Use This Layout button to proceed. For this article, I will choose a Blank Layout.


Next up, you need to give your Guide a Title, and hit the Create Guide button.


Once the guide is created, under the Actions, you can collapse the window to either Duplicate or Delete the Guide, or adjust the Yoast Settings. You can also preview the page in a new tab, and assign an agent to the guide created with the Team Member plugin, which will assign any leads or contact requests to that Agent/Team Member. 


If you want to assign an agent, a window will pop up, where you can select the desired Team Member.


Editing the Guide

To edit the content of the Guide, click on the Edit Guide button, which will launch the Guide Editor.


You can select the Layers View button to access the settings and tabs that you can customize with a live preview of your changes.


At the top right side, you have the ability to undo changes, preview your guide across all devices, open the page in the new tab, and the save and exit buttons.


For managing the Content, and Settings for the Guide Creator head over to these articles: