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To add this block, navigate to Add a New Block, and in the categories, select Listing.

There are a few block styles you can choose from, we will break down each.

Style 1 - Property Search


  • Title/Title Look Like (h1, h2, h3, etc.)

  • IDX Shortcode

Note: The Shortcode will be already placed in there in as you order your IDX to your site, and this only works with Showcase IDX (Express Setup Recommended)


Style 2 - Listings Slider


  • Background Color

  • Title/Title Look Like (Size - h1,h2,h3, etc.)

  • Source

  • Button Label (Text) / Button Link

You will notice as you collapse the source, it will show the source options.

Note: You can display listings only from kvCORE Hotsheets and AF Listings v3 plugin for this block.

This option will appear as you select the source. You can adjust to show listings depending on their status.


Style 3 - Custom Listing Slider

This style can work similarly as the Style 2, but it can offer a lot more. A few key differences you can add here:

  • Background

  • Custom Listing Feed Setup (multiple sources)

This block is split into 3 sections:


You can set the background to have an image, or a solid color.

Note: If you select Image as a background, you can add additional overlays to it.


For content, you can add and adjust:

  • Title

  • Listing Source

  • Listings Status/Hotsheet/Custom URL

  • Button/Button Link

Key Info: As you collapse the Source Tab, you will notice there are multiple source options you can choose from. This includes AF Listings V2, V3, Showcase Hotsheet, and Diverse Custom URL.

As you change the source, you will notice the field (box) below the source will change accordingly, depending on which source is active.

This example is for AF Listings V3 as a source

And this one is for Showcase Hotsheets (custom searches which are created in the Showcase admin area)

The Showcase Hotsheet will populate the list of Custom Searches that are created in your Showcase account.

Content Settings

Lastly, Content Settings allows you to adjust the Title Size and Color, Text Color, and as well enable Advanced Button Styling, which will grant you more options to customize your button. (mostly coloring options)


Further Education about the Spark Editor and Spark Pages:

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