Spark Editor: Blocks - Home Values CTA

Home Valuation Tool Setup

Important Note: If you want to use this block, please note that this is entirely designed to work only with our AF Home Values™ (Express Setup recommended)

After you purchased the addon and the plugin is activated, you will be able to add it to your Spark Pages as a block with a few customization options.

To get started, select the Add Block button and choose "Form" from the categories. Now click on Home Values CTA:


Home Values Block Features:

  • Background Image/Background Color

  • Title/Title Color

  • Title Look Like (Size - h1, h2, h3, etc.)

  • Description/Description Color

  • Shortcode

Note: The shortcode is something that would be already setup prior to purchasing the addon. (Express Setup Recommended)



In this example, the shortcode [home_valuation layout="shortcode"] was inserted.

Optional Shortcode Parameters

 – shortcode layout.
Available values: fullscreen, integrated, shortcode
Default value: fullscreen

 – skin name for the shortcode.
Available values: default, light, dark
Default value: Skin option from plugin settings

 – URL of the image file.
Available values: URL
Default value: Full screen background image option from plugin settings

 – title for the shortcode
Available values: any text
Default value: Title text option from plugin settings

 – text for the shortcode
Available values: any text
Default value: empty