Getting Started: Your Live Site Transfer

If your site is ready to go live you'll want to start considering the topics involved in moving your site to its new domain.

We'll help get you on the right track. Below you'll find helpful resources to ensure you understand the entire launch process.

Please check those important steps first:

1. Are you currently, running email service through this domain name?

2. Do you have an existing website that you'd like to preserve SEO from?

3. Have you delegated access to your registrar or updated your nameservers?


1. Email Routing through AgentFire

If you have your email on the domain you want to use - no worries!

Before we start this process we will automatically scan all your DNS records and this action will transfer them to our CDN zone file. This will ensure that there should be no issues during the transition process.

Additionally, if you want to make sure everything is set please send us an email (with your MX, TXT, or CNAME records, etc.) at any time during this process.

If you would like more information on this topic, please review this article:

2. Preserving SEO from an existing site

If you have an existing website, you may benefit from adding a 301 redirect to your replacement site.  Learn what 301 redirects are how to add them and explore how to obtain a quote in our helpful overview here:

301 Redirection

3. Making Changes to your registrar settings

If you have NOT delegated access to your GoDaddy registrar, please review this article with instructions on how to ensure this step goes smoothly for you:

Delegating Access to your GoDaddy registrar

If you are using some other domain registrar we will send additional instructions once the process starts.

If you want to set up your name servers by yourself ONLY and ONLY once we confirm everything is prepared on our end first, please check this article:

In case you own more domains, only one domain can be connected with one website, but you can easily forward other domains to your main domain later using domain forwarding directly from your hosting dashboard.

In case you have active subdomains on your domain, please ensure additional information to our team about where to point them (A records are required) otherwise those subdomains will not be active once your domain is moved to our hosting

Things to expect once the live transfer process begins


Once the above items have been addressed, our Live Transfer Teams will begin moving your site to your permanent domain. This process takes up to 48h for the following to be addressed:

1. DNS records propagation up to 48h (usually much faster) What factors affect DNS propagation time?

2. Re-activation of domain-based product licenses by our team (Social logins, IDX, etc.)

3. Getting confirmation of your site launch


Please note that for the DNS changes to take effect, it might take a propagation period of up to 30 minutes depending on your location, or up to 24 - 48 hours across the entire internet.


Important note: If your current website provider uses CloudFlare (CF), its deactivation must be completed before or during the migration process to avoid potential conflicts. Unfortunately, the timeframe for this can vary depending on your hosting provider's support response. 

While we will work diligently to expedite the migration on our end, we cannot guarantee a specific timeline in these situations due to external dependencies.


In case you are using kvCORE website hosting please check this LINK

In case your domain is hosted with Wix please check this LINK

Once your website is live we'll be still setting up things in the next 24 hours.

This is normal since some services can be set on the live domain only. It's important that we carefully review your site for any changes necessary to ensure your site is firing on all cylinders.

Getting confirmation of your site launch


Please wait for the confirmation of your site launch from our team when you will get into your website logins, link to schedule a FREE Clients Success meet, and other useful information.

You will also receive another email soon after from our Clients Success team to schedule a free walk-through to better understand some of the top priorities you'll have to ensure your site gains traction online as quickly as possible.

At this stage, we highly recommend creating a Google console and analytics account so you can properly track your indexing and site traffic.

But why do I need to point my Nameservers to you? 

Great question.  There are two major reasons for this.  

  1. We use a global CDN with direct API integration: Your website will be placed on our account, which refers to a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide fast delivery of your content. The CDN allows for the quick transfer of all your pages, images, and videos. Use of the CDN also helps protect your website from any malicious attack while boosting performance considerably but requires that we control the DNS Zone File.

  2. DNS zone files can be confusing: The last thing we want is to put you in a position where you are in unfamiliar territory that can prove both frustrating and time-consuming to correct errors that can prevent your site or other related services from working properly. A DNS Zone file is all your DNS Records in one area(TTL, NS, MX, A & CNAME for example).