Wahoo! Your site is ready for the big time!

Now that your site is going to a live domain, we'll want to help get you on the right track. Below you'll find helpful resources to ensure you understand the launch process.


There are a handful of circumstances that may effect you, and we'll want to address them prior to moving your website to it's primary domain.

  1. Are you currently, or planning to route email through this domain name?
  2. Do you have an existing website that you'd like to preserve SEO from?
  3. Have you delegated access to your registrar or updated your nameservers?

Email Routing:

We will need to add MX records to our DNS zone file if you plan to run email through your domain. 

You will need to confirm this with our live teams prior to the site transfer. Learn more about email routing here: 

Routing Email Through Your Domain

Preserving SEO from an existing site: 

If you have an existing website, you may benefit from adding 301 redirects to your replacement site.  Learn what 301 redirects are and explore how to obtain a quote for work in our helpful overview here:

Will I lose domain ranking when switching to your solution?

Making Changes to your registrar settings: 

If you have NOT delegated access to your registrar, please review this article for options on how to ensure this step goes smoothly for you:

Delegating Access to your registrar for AgentFire

Things to expect once the live transfer process begins:

Once the above items have been addressed, our Live Transfer Teams will begin moving your site to the live domain. This process requires up to 72hrs for the following to be addressed:

  1. A thorough review of the site design . 
  2. Propagation of DNS records updates. What Factors Affect DNS Propogation Time? 
  3. Re-activation of domain based product licenses (like your IDX, and others)
  4. Verification of client contact information and administrative email settings.

It's important to note that this process takes place in stages. 

You will see the site on the primary domain BEFORE the live checklist has been completed. This is normal. If you have not received your live site completion email, we are still working on our checklist. 

Getting confirmation of your site launch:

Please wait for the confirmation of your site launch from our teams prior to logging into your website for the first time.

It's important to us that we carefully and fully review your site for any changes necessary to ensure your site is firing on all cylinders.

Once you have received your live site email confirmation, you will want to jump into our "Post Launch Goals" guide to better understand some of the top priorities you'll have to ensuring your site gains traction online as quickly as possible.

When you receive your live site email checklist completion: 

Once you have recieved the green light to login and get started with your website, the first thing you will want to do is run through our Post Launch Checklist.  

We highly recommend creating a google console, and analytics account at minimum in order to properly track your indexing and site traffic.  

Head there now.

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