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The Calendly integration allows for easy scheduling connected to your online calendar. 

Obtaining the Calendly Code

To setup this connection, let's start with obtaining the Calendly Code first.

Head over to your Calendly account.

On the right side in your account dashboard, click on the dropdown to collapse the settings. Once you've done that, select the option Share Your Link.

Once you click there, you will need to choose the last option (Add to Your Website)

From there, select Popup Text.

And in the last window you should be able to grab the Code with one click on the bottom right side of your screen.

Creating the CTA via the Engage Manager

Now when you have your Calendly Code, create or select an existing Schedule a Call CTA on your site.

Navigate to your CTA and edit it by opening the AgentFire Editor:

Placing the Code

Once you are in the editor, locate the Lead Form tab and click on the Lead Form Label inside of it.

From there, you will want to scroll down a bit until you find the Calendly Button option, which you will need to enable. Before you enable it, make sure to disable other optin buttons, like the Email Button. As you enable the Calendly Button, a field will appear, where you will be able to enter the calendly code.


  • Obtain the Code via Calendly
  • Create a Schedule a Call CTA
  • Disable the Email Button 
  • Enable the Calendly Button.  
  • Place your calendly popup code

Once you have placed your code, hit Save. 

You're done!

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