Be more available to your clients, on terms and times that work for them.  With! Get yourself an account today with this handy scheduling software,  built to make it easy to allow your clients to lock in time with you for property showings, calls, and in person meetings.  

Calendly works great with Google Calendar, which makes keeping organized a breeze.

Even better - your calendar directly on your Team Member profile page! 

Give your users access to book time with a click of a button!

Notes on this integration: 

To integrate the Calendly calendar, you'll need a account with an established Calendly scheduling page. 

Obtaining your Calendly Embed Code: 

From the dropdown in your account, select Share your link. 

Calendly provides easy ways to generate embed codes, and we'll be using the Popup Text option they make available. 

In the Share Your Link modal note that Calendly offers a variety of sharing tools including embedding options. 

Click "Embed on your Website". 

Calendly offers multiple Embedding options.  For your Team Member page, we'll be making use of the Popup Text Embed code. 

Click Popup Text. 

Optionally, edit the button label text.

Once you have edited your button label you are ready to Copy the Code to your clipboard.  We'll be placing this code directly into the Team member profile inside of the Header options of the Design tab. 

Copy the code to your clipboard. 

That's it! With your code copied, it's time to get it placed in your team member profile. 

Placing your Calendly Embed Code in your team member profile: 

Navigate to your team member plugin, and open your desired team member entry in the AF Editor. 

Open the Design tab, and toggle the dropdown to reveal the options within the Header category. 

In the Chat Button dropdown, select Calendly

In the Calendly Code box, paste your Calendly Popup Text Embed Code. 

Paste the Embed Code. 

You will see your button displayed directly below your profile in the hero section of your team member profile.  Hooray! 

Further Education: 

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