Spark Editor: Blocks - Call to Action

Capture leads with these Call to Action blocks

By selecting 'Add New Block' and expanding the categories, you can view the 'Call to Action' button

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Boxed CTA Style with 2 Columns (Left Side: Video/Image, Right side: Title, Content, Button). The adjustable features are the following:

  • Background

  • Title

  • Left/Right Column

  • Content Settings

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For the background, you can have select a Solid Color or an Image.

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Add a Title and a Sub Title.

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Left Column

The Left Column can contain an embedded video or an image.

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Right Column

The Right Column can contain a Headline, Text and a Button.

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Content Settings

With content settings you can change things like, Title Size, Title Color, Sub Title Color, and turn on Advanced Button Styling to the button color and text color.

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CTA Style 2

This style has two columns that you can customize with:

  • Background

  • Title

  • Left/Right Column

  • Content Settings

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We will only cover the Left/Right Column Settings, the rest of the settings are already covered at the start of the article. (CTA Style 1)

Left Column/Right Column

The Left/Right Columns can contain an Image, Title, Text and Button.

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CTA Style 3

This style is pretty similar to the CTA Style 1, the key difference is that the left column can only contain a video. The rest of the settings are already highlighted above in the CTA Style 1.

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The other difference, in terms of the appearance, is that this style doesn't have a box for the content and the video.


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CTA Style 4

CTA with two columns and a unique feature to include icons.

  • Background Image

  • Background Color

  • Icon Image

  • Title/Title Color

  • Text/Text Color

  • Button Label(text)/ Button Link

Note: when editing, you need to edit both columns separately.

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Here are some options you can customize for each column:

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CTA Style 5

A two column boxed style CTA.

  • The Background Image that has a parallax effect automatically enabled

  • Background Color (for the box)

  • Icon Image

  • Box Color

  • Title/Title Color

  • Text/Text Color

  • Button Label(text)/ Button Link

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Another difference between the CTA Style 4 and this one is that you can choose a solid color to make a box around the text for each column. The rest of the settings are the same.

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