To add this Block, navigate to Add New Block, and select Blog from the categories:

There are a few styles you can choose from:

Featured Articles 1

Simple layout to showcase your latest blog posts with centered title.

There are a few basic options you can customize with this style:

  • Background Color

  • Title/Title Look Like/Title Color

  • Categories

  • Post Count (control how much posts to display - default is 3)

  • Adjust Featured Image Size(Fit/Crop)

  • Show 'Read More'

  • Button Text/Button Link


Featured Articles 2

Blog layout with some additional features you can include, which are:

  • Background (Image/ Solid Color)

  • Content (Text)

  • Button/Button Color

  • Custom Blog Feed

This style is split into 4 sections, we will go over through each one:


For Background you can include an image, or select a solid color

Note: If you select an Image, you will be able to add an overlay to it.


You can add a Title, Text, Button, and a Button Link to the block.

Blog Feed

You can select Categories or enable a Custom Blog Post Feed, which allows you to manually select which posts you want to feature.

As you enable the Custom Blog Post, a dropdown will apear where you can select each of the previous blog posts you have created.

It also has a search feature in case you have a large number of posts, you can easily filter out the posts you want to feature.

Content Settings

And lastly, content settings allows you to customize things like:

  • Title Color

  • Title Look Like

  • Text Color

  • Post Title Look Like

  • Adjust Featured Image Size (Crop/Fit)

  • Advanced Button Styling(Button Color/Button Text Color/Button Hover Color/Button Text Color)


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