Home Values: Customizing the primary page appearance

The Home Values platform offers numerous ways to ensure your primary page looks and feels professional.

The primary home valuation page has a number of settings that can enhance and personalize the experience for your visitors.  


Every thing from the theme colors, to the title text and image background can all be adjusted as desired, and thousands of outcomes are possible. 

First, lets head into the settings area of the home values plugin to explore some of the primary appearance settings. 

Navigate to Site Tools > Home Values > Customize & Settings


On the settings page are three primary module areas are: 

  1. Settings

  2. Notifications

  3. Appearance

Our theme colors, button settings and other image and color options are available in the Appearance tab.  

Expand the appearance tab


The first option available is to select the Skin to use.  Light and Dark skins are available.  Select the skin that matches your desired outcome. 

Example of the Dark skin


Example of the light skin


Below the skin selector, is the primary background image.  We recommend an image size of around 1920px wide in a 16:9 aspect ratio.  

For help with sizing and web optimizing images, we recommend using tinypng.org

Add or edit the background image as desired. 


While generally unnecessary, a custom CSS area is available to you if you are familiar with how to make simple layout or color changes with CSS as needed for your install.  

We recommend deferring to our teams or to a design professional when writing new CSS in this location. 


In the second tab, is the button colors.  In most cases, over writing these is unnecessary, as your install will automatically use the same color and style buttons that have been set for use throughout the theme.  However, in some cases minor changes are needed, and you may control text color, background color and border radius for buttons and hover attributes. 

Only make changes to button colors if needed. 


The third tab is the CTA or Call To Action tab.  This is a specific location on the reports page your end users receive when completing a home valuation request. 

An example of your CTA area shown here. 


The CTA tab allows for this section to be enabled or disabled as desired.  Disabling the CTA removes the entire block from the report and significantly reduces your opportunities to further interact with your end user.  Remember! The CTA content is completely editable!

Optionally disable the CTA in reports. 


You also have control over the title text, background color, opacity, and button colors.  These typically do not need adjustment except in rare cases. 

Optionally adjust CTA colors if needed. (rare)